GENTLY Eco Nappy: Medium (24pack)

GENTLY Eco Nappy: Medium (24pack)

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Gently Eco Nappies are made from bamboo, wood pulp and a corn-based biofilm. 
This biofilm is certified biodegradable for Industrial Composting Standards of Europe EN13432 and the US ASTM D6400
Gently Inserts and Nappies have also been tested for compostability by Lismore Council 
* Gently nappies and inserts contain a Super Absorbent Polymer. For the nappy, the side tapes are made from non-biodegradable material and these should be removed before composting. 

All the convenience of a disposable at a reduced cost to you and the planet.


  • Outer and inner of the softest bamboo
  • Bamboo leak guards and leg cuffs
  • Corn-based biofilm water proof layer
  • No perfumes or bleaches 
  • This pack includes 24 nappies.
  • Suitable for infants 9-18kg.