BABY EINSTEIN: Baby Mozart - Music Festival DVD

BABY EINSTEIN: Baby Mozart - Music Festival DVD

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Recommended for babies from birth & up.

* Video of the Year from Child and Parenting magazines
* Favourite among parents and babies alike
* Visually stimulating real-world objects !
* Suitable from 0 to 3 years

The award-winning Baby Mozart DVD utilises the unique features of DVD to create a multi-sensory play resource for parents, infants and toddlers. The Baby Mozart DVD consists of three activity centres : The Home Theatre, The Concert Hall and the Language Lab. The Baby Mozart DVD has a total running time of 170 minutes and is coded for Australia and New Zealand.

The Baby Mozart video has been named Video of the Year by Child, Parenting and Specialty Retailer magazines. The video has received the Dove Foundation Family Approved Seal and the US National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. Baby Mozart has also won the Film Advisory Board Award and is endorsed by KIDS FIRST!. 

The Baby Mozart DVD is organised for easy navigation. Programming maps and chapter indices are provided in the Printable Parents Guide. 

The Home Theatre 
The Baby Mozart DVD combines baby-friendly images and real-world objects with playful sound effects to keep your baby entertained. The Baby Mozart DVD provides numerous ways to interact with your baby while exposing him or her to new concepts through music, sound and engaging visuals. 
Concert Hall 
Charming listening experiences await you and your child in the Baby Mozart Concert Hall. The Baby Mozart DVD includes a broad range of compositions by Wolfgang Mozart. 
Language Lab 
The Language Lab is an innovative application of DVD technology. Baby Einstein's multi-lingual Language Discovery Cards have been recreated in video still frames and multiple language study tracks. Parents and children can 'step' through the 29 visuals, identifying pictures, labelling the pictures with written vocabulary words and hearing words pronounced in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese and Russian. 
All Baby Einstein videos feature a variety of toys from other manufacturers. Included in the Baby Mozart video are catalogues of the toys featured in the Baby Mozart video. The Baby Einstein Company does not sell these items. 
A Video Tutorial includes tips on how to use the video and audio programming with your child. Baby Mozart Video Features * Baby Mozart Video * Baby Mozart Concert For Little Ears * Baby Mozart for Bedtime * Baby Mozart for Playtime * English Discovery Cards * Spanish Discovery Cards * French Discovery Cards * German Discovery Cards * Hebrew Discovery Cards * Japanese Discovery Cards * Russian Discovery Cards * How to Use Discovery Cards * Video Tutorial * Baby Einstein Catalogue * Baby Mozart Toy Chest.